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We give early-stage patients and dementia caregivers a place
to transform their concerns into personalized care.

What is Neurocern?

Neurocern is a dementia management system that radically changes the way dementia patients are assessed, treated and cared for.

Contrary to popular belief, dementia is not just dementia. Neurocern takes the stance that each patient's dementia is unique and constantly evolving.

Neurocern makes personalized medicine possible for millions of dementia and brain health patients.

We go beyond diagnosis, and generate unique brain profiles with matching care solutions for each patient.

Neurocern covers over 500 unique dementia and brain health conditions.

Dementia Management System

For Patients and Caregivers

Transform your many concerns into meaningful highly-personalized care solutions

For Health Professionals

Manage and coordinate your dementia case load with hyperpersonalized brain health patient information

For Hospital Systems

Improve health outcomes and manage risk

Bringing Neuroscience Into Caring

Here’s how it works:
How Does it Works
Patients or caregivers answer questions based on their concerns
Neurocern's proprietary algorithms analyze answers
The system generates a unique brain profile with care solutions tailored for each individual patient
Let's Talk
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Patients or caregivers answer questions based on their concerns

Neurocern's proprietary algorithms analyze answers

The system generates a unique brain profile with care solutions tailored for each individual patient

Who we are
We are a team of neuroscience and brain care experts on a mission to change the way dementia and brain health patients are assessed, treated, and cared for within the health care ecosystem.
Rao MD, MA
Manteau-Rao MBA, LCSW
Anitha Rao MD, MA

Dr. Anitha Rao is a board-certified behavioral and geriatric neurologist, most recently at the University of California San Francisco Memory and Aging Center. At UCSF, Dr. Rao received fellowship training in memory disorders, dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, and neurodegeneration. She has a Doctorate medical degree from the University of Toledo and a Masters in Medical Anthropology from Case Western Reserve University.

Dr. Rao's interests include neural networks, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive modeling in health information technology. She has published several articles on neurological disease and public health outcomes, and has served as an advisor to the American Academy of Neurology and the American Geriatrics Society.

Marguerite Manteau-Rao MBA, LCSW

Marguerite Manteau-Rao is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with extensive experience in the dementia field, particularly in the area of patient and family engagement. She is the Founder of the Presence Care Project and Founder of the Mindfulness-Based Dementia Care (MBDC) program at UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. Marguerite was co-investigator of a grant that evaluated the effectiveness of MBDC in long-term care. She serves as a consultant and Clinical Director for Lakeside Park Watermark, a residential dementia care community in Oakland, CA. She is a Huffington Post contributor, and the author of the upcoming book ‘Caring for a Loved One with Dementia’ (New Harbinger Publications, 2016). Marguerite has an MBA from University of Chicago, a Masters in Industrial Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Paris, and a Masters in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago.

May 2016

UC San Diego Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center CME Conference, San Diego, CA
May 26 - Marguerite

March 2016

Aging in America Conference, Washington, DC
March 21 - Marguerite

February 2015

Marguerite’s book release
‘Caring for a Loved One With Dementia’, New Harbinger Publications/p>

December 2015

Health 2.0, San Francisco, CA
December 8 - Marguerite

AARP Dementia Technology Summit, Washington, DC
December 3 - Anitha

International Dementia With Lewy Bodies Conference, Mayo Clinic, Fort Lauderdale, FL
December 3 - Marguerite

November 2015

20th Annual Leaders Forum Health Care Showcase, San Mateo, California

October 2015

Longevity Network ‘Entrepreneur of the Week’

Lewy Body Dementia Association Webinar

Health 2.0 National Conference, Santa Clara California

Oliver Wyman Innovation Summit Immersion Tours, Chicago Illinois

September 2015

Women-in-Bio Shark Tank, Chicago, Illinois

American Medical Association and Health 2.0 Innovation Smarter, Chicago, Illinois

July 2015

Association for Corporate Growth, 6th Annual Healthcare Mergers and Acquisition, Chicago, Illinois

Roundtable Discussion with Congressman Robert Dold, Chicago, Illinois

June 2015

Alzheimer’s Association Education Conference, San Rafael, CA

May 2015

Institute on Aging, Aging and Technology Conference, San Francisco, CA

April 2015

Huntington’s Disease Caregivers Group, El Cerrito, CA

March 2015

Aging in America 2015 Conference, Chicago, IL

January 2015

NeuroHuddle Symposium, Honolulu, HA
Marguerite & Anitha

October 2014

International Symposium for Contemplative Studies, Mind Life Institute, Boston, CA

Blog Talk Radio, ‘Life is a Sacred Journey’

September 2014

Brain Injury Network, Speakers Series, Larkspur, CA

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