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De-Risking Dementia
Insurers are partnering with Neurocern to transform the way cognitive claims are evaluated and managed using predictive analytics and AI.

Neurocern’s digital tools are medically validated and empower insurers to:

  • Pinpoint cognitive claims that require additional testing
  • Capture unparalleled insights into mortality, morbidity, and fiduciary risk
  • Provide an important value-added service to insureds and their families

By leveraging the Neurocern® software, insurers can accurately assess cognitive subtypes (beyond Alzheimer’s) and help identify cognitive claims using guidelines from CMS, NIH, and the American Academy of Neurology.

More efficient processes
The Neurocern® digital risk assessment tool easily integrates into existing workflows to capture neurological attributes and morbidity.
Better risk management
The Neurocern® analytics and decision support tool flags recoverable cognitive claims and provides a dashboard for underwriting and actuarial reserve modeling.
Enhanced customer experience
The Neurocern® automated personalized care plans empower insureds and care partners with actionable insights for aging in place.
No one ever asked me questions like these before. Even being a nurse, I didn’t know what to pay attention to or how to communicate my concerns to mom’s doctor.
daughter of 73-year old mother with reported language and visual problems.
Neurocern gives my patient’s and families tools to make it better. It gives them a sense of hope.
Dr. James D
Neurocern’s disease matches gave me something concrete to grab onto. Now I know what to expect. Before I had no idea if my mom’s memory loss was normal or not.
son of 81-year old mother with stroke and memory concerns.
Neurocern’s digital tools can help insurers with all of the following cognitive claim conditions:
Alzheimer’s disease & related dementias
Aging & Cognitive decline
Parkinson’s disease
Multiple Sclerosis
To learn more about how Neurocern can help you de-risk dementia, contact
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